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International investments with top security and returns

Exclusive investment opportunities in properties worldwide

In the world of international investments, investors, HNIs and family offices are always looking for suitable opportunities to diversify your portfolio in order to achieve solid returns and to take advantage of possible interest and currency arbitrages. A promising option are Investments in real estate worldwide, especially in the form of off-market transactions. This is exactly where the world of GLORIUS begins.

For 10 years and with the expertise of 30 years of “Paul International”, we have been bringing together international financiers and borrowers and offering investments secured by mortgages with above-average returns.

GLORIUS opens the door to the US real estate market for international investors

GLORIUS enables international investors from around the world to lend on the US real estate market – with the security of a first-tier mortgage, valuations from licensed, independent appraisers and with full insurance coverage. This offers international lenders an attractive investment with potentially the most favorable risk profile.
U.S. banks are increasingly making lending to international borrowers more restrictive. This results in numerous real estate transactions – despite excellent credit ratings and maximum capital strength of the borrowers – not successfully reaching a conclusion. The GLORIUS idea for investment in these real estate transactions results from decades of experience in the international real estate and financing industry. GLORIUS offers an attractive return, strong security and low risk – a highly interesting financial instrument offering diversification of your own real estate and investment portfolio.

Our investment strategy

GLORIUS investors can specify the parameters themselves. GLORIUS advises on the parameters and their marketability. In order to secure the loan commitment as best as possible, the loan is secured by a first-class entry in the land register. The property valuation is carried out by licensed, independent and regionally based real estate experts and must confirm the purchase price of the property as fair market value. The report is the basis for the actual credit decision and a first-tier loan of up to 70% is granted (based on the lower of the purchase price and the determined market value).


Our risk management

The provision of real estate loans is based on clear and established credit guidelines, carefully defined to meet the needs and requirements of borrowers as well as financial industry standards and regulations.

The funds for the loan remain with the lender until the respective closing, then flow directly to the transaction lawyers’ escrow account or the title company in the USA.

The market value of the property to be financed is determined by a state-certified, licensed and independent appraiser.

Each property has full insurance coverage in accordance with the requirements of a US bank with the lender registered as beneficiary.

The buyer must pay 30% of the purchase price plus all additional acquisition costs before financing is approved and prove or use the disbursement of the loan funds.

The property is managed by a regional management and rental company, which ensures optimal property management, even though the property owner or borrower is based abroad.

In addition to the borrower’s income from his professional activity or other regular capital income, the rental income from letting the property while it is not being used by the owner himself also provides additional funding for the mortgage repayment.

Due to the high equity share in property financing, the owner generally has a vested interest in always paying the mortgage installments on time, as otherwise he risks losing all the equity he has invested.


Family offices

As a family office, GLORIUS offers you tailor-made solutions for your investment needs. We understand the unique needs of family offices and offer you exclusive opportunities to diversify your portfolio and achieve long-term returns. Please contact us for further information and a personal conversation.